For Internet and Software Industry Clients

The Law Office of Joy R. Butler helps companies develop business models for internet and new media ventures. One of our fortes is creatively thinking through legal challenges presented by developing business models and nascent industries.

Internet, Ecommerce, and Software Matters on which Joy Butler works: Cloud Computing * Mobile App Development Agreement * Service Level Agreement * OEM Agreement * Internet Privacy Policy * Website Terms and Conditions * COPPA Compliance * Software Development Agreement * End User License Agreement

Description of Joy Butler’s Selected Projects for Internet, Ecommerce and Software  Industry Clients:

App Development. Worked with newly established app developer to structure and document multiple hourly based and flat-fee based app development engagements. Negotiated compromises to deliverable, source code, and background technology deal points in a manner that protected app developer’s continued ability to market its services while satisfying demands of app developer’s financial industry clients.

Privacy Policy/Terms of Use. Reviewed and revised company’s internet privacy policy and website terms of use for consistency with evolving privacy regulations (including data mining and COPPA compliance).

Information Technology Contracts. Represented mid-market information technology companies in contract negotiations for over 100 deals for technology licensing and strategic alliances with Fortune 1,000 companies. Found creative solutions and compromises that protected clients’ rights and maximized clients’ income while still satisfying clients’ demanding customer base.

Outside General Counsel Services. Successfully handle range of legal matters for internet company clients including EULAs, independent contractor matters, non-disclosure agreements, regulatory compliance, contract administration practices, trademark registration renewal, and other intellectual property matters.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Ac (COPPA). Evaluated impact on plug-in operator of 2013 FTC amendment to COPPA regulations classifying geolocation information and persistent identifiers as personal information. Helped client structure internal policies for interfacing with child-directed websites.