Content and Technology Licensing

The Law Office of Joy R. Butler serves clients with creative material and technology to license as well as clients who are seeking materials to license.

Content Licensing. Licensing is crucial in every sector of entertainment and media. Failure to clear rights for any third party content (such as music, poems, film clips, artwork, etc.) can delay or even prevent the release of your project and expose the producer to lawsuits. Joy Butler is the author of The Permission Seeker’s Guide Through the Legal Jungle: Clearing Copyrights, Trademarks and Other Rights for Your Entertainment and Media Productions. For information on the rights clearance process, see Joy Butler’s blog posting,  What Does It Mean to Clear Rights?.

Technology Licensing. Our technology licensing services include work in the mobile apps, software development, information technology, and internet industries. See the description of business contracts and advisory services the Law Office of Joy R. Butler offers for internet, ecommerce and software industry clients. Read Joy Butler’s blog postings at regarding technology licensing:


Description of Joy Butler’s Selected Projects for Technology Licensing Matters:

Mobile App Licensing. Worked with newly established app developer to structure and document multiple hourly based and flat-fee based app development engagements. Negotiated compromises to deliverable, source code, and background technology deal points in a manner that protected app developer’s continued ability to market its services while satisfying demands of app developer’s financial industry clients.

Information Technology Licensing. Represented mid-market information technology companies in contract negotiations for over 100 deals for technology licensing and strategic alliances with Fortune 1,000 companies. Found creative solutions and compromises that protected clients’ rights and maximized clients’ income while still satisfying clients’ demanding customer base.

Website Development. Worked with start-up internet-based companies and social media networks for purchase of information technology and software development contractor services.

Content for Cellular Telephone Company. Advised cellular telephone company on the availability of and requirements for mechanical and performance licenses from music publishers and music rights organizations for cellular phone ringtones featuring existing songs.


Description of Joy Butler’s Selected Projects for Content Licensing Matters:

Copyright and Public Domain Materials. Provided opinion letter regarding United States copyright status of 1920’s film (and derivative works thereof) and permissibility of incorporating elements of the films into other works.

Music Licensing. Advised music business professional on rights and licenses required to release version of classic song with modified lyrics.

Releases and Permissions. Prepare variety of releases, licenses, and other permission forms such as location releases, personal appearance releases, life story rights agreements, man-on-the-street interview releases, musician studio session agreements, and licenses for book illustrations.