Contests and Sweepstakes

The Law Office of Joy R. Butler helps clients with all aspects of sponsoring contests and sweepstakes including drafting official rules, complying with state laws, minimizing the risks of user-generated content, and offering promotions via social media networks. Joy Butler is the author of the book, Contests and Sweepstakes Law: A Guide Through the Legal Jungle Practice Manual.

Description of Joy Butler’s Selected Projects for Clients Promoting Contests and Sweepstakes:

Travel Sweepstakes. Reviewed and finalized official rules for television network’s sweepstakes offering travel as prize.

Compliance with Laws. Analyzed the promotion laws and regulations for Puerto Rico, Ontario, and Quebec in connection with an internal promotion offered by division of a multi-national company. Determined bond and similar requirements for division’s cost analysis.

Internet and Social Media Promotion. Helped internet-based company structure promotion designed to increase traffic to the company’s website. Promotion accepted user-generated content and incorporated social media networks.