For Publishing Industry Clients

The Law Office of Joy R. Butler assists authors, publishers, and other publishing industry professionals with the negotiation of literary agency, collaboration, screenwriter, book publishing, and literary purchase agreements. Other publishing industry services include pre-publication reviews of books and articles and the negotiation for the sale of rights (e.g., audio, film, dramatic rights, etc.).

Description of Joy Butler’s Selected Projects on Publishing Industry Matters

Book Series Launch. Worked with author/publisher to launch book series. Services  included preparation of licensing agreements with illustrators, trademark registration of series title, copyright registration of  books in series, and review of marketing services agreements.

Book Publishing Agreement. Represented author in negotiation for book publishing contract with global, stock-exchange-listed publishing company. Also represented author in negotiation of collaboration agreement with co-author.

Book Publishing Rights Clearance. Conducted pre-publication review of exposé of professional industry. Recommended specific revisions throughout book to minimize the risk of copyright infringement and libel claims.

Literary Agency Agreement and Publishing Contract. Represented author in negotiation of literary agency agreement. Subsequently, reviewed publishing agreement secured by agency. Devised and implemented creative solutions to ensure agency and publishing contracts did not interfere with author’s separate and previous exploitation of movie and television rights in subject matter of book.

Option Agreement for Sale of Movie Rights. Represented book author in negotiation of option and literary purchase agreement for motion picture and television rights.