Initial Consultation as a First Step

I offer initial one-hour phone consultations at the reduced price of $ 125.  It is a low-cost way to acquaint yourself with my law firm services.

What we can accomplish in a consultation
  • A review and discussion of a simple, short contract
  • Overview of a more extensive, complicated contract
  • Discussion and advice for structuring your project or transaction
  • Specific answers to your questions
What we cannot accomplish in a consultation
  • Drafting of a contract
  • Full review of an extensive contract

Need Advice?

You can choose a preliminary call, or an initial consultation

PRELIMINARY CALL. If you need additional information about how I work with clients generally and how I might be able to assist you specifically, call or email me at your convenience. I do not charge for these preliminary calls which last about 15 minutes, and are designed to confirm that your issue falls within my practice area and that I am the appropriate attorney to help you. Preliminary calls do not include substantive legal advice.

INITIAL CONSULTATION. If you want to discuss substantive legal issues related to your business, you can schedule an initial consultation.